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Masahiko Osawa

"I will make DORAEMON!!!!!"

I have made every effort to make my dream come true since I was in elementary school, and I would like to  definitely accomplish it. Furthermore I not only proceed with "Artificial Intelligence" but also refer to "Neuro Science" and "Cognitive Science", because I want various academic disciplines being connected.

Artificial Intelligence

 My main major. As an AI researcher,

 I would like to make DORAEMON.

Neuro Science

The approach to clarify the mechanism of people from the inside. I frequently refer to this for use in engineering.

Cognitive Science

The approach to understand ourselves by observing human behavior from the outside. I aim to recreate engineering-view known as Cognitive Science.

The approach to design between people and artifacts. I'm especially interested in how to acquire models of others' minds called "Others Model".

Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architecture

The engineering based on biological knowledge. I aim for an engineering model that can currently realize the hippocampal functions which are considered to play an important role in brains' memories.

Human-Agent Interaction


The machine learning architecture inspired by hippocampus 

We aim to make the architecture that can realize the hippocampal functions which are considered to play an important role in brains' memories.

This can be described as fundamental research expanding deep neural network.

Semi-Autonomous Telepresence Robot


I am working on researches about semi-autonomous telepresence robots with learning ability. It can move autonomously through learning human's operations or values. Then, it supports operator's work and it models human operations or values.

Learning Environment in the Real World Simulator


We develop Re:ROS, which works on the gazebo and ROS.

​This project is joint a research with Sei Ueno at Kyoto University.

*gazebo is the real world simulator in which the law of physics holds.

*ROS is the robot operating system.

Visualization Tool for Brain Inspired Architecture


We develop a real time visualizer for brain inspired by architectures.

This project is a joint research with Hirokazu Kiyomaru at Kyoto University.​



My original robot created in my high school days as a graduation research. She is a semi-autonomous telepresence robot. she can move autonomously using 3D videos.

Whole Brain Architecture Future Leaders

I established "Whole Brain Architecture Future Leaders" when I was a Bachelor student in 2014.

We aim to develop human resource, who has interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and cognitive science.


I was alone in the beginning, but I have over 2,400 cooperator now (Oct. 2019).

I retired from the representative in May in 2017 and Takuma Yagi is the new representative, and I'm also his cooperator.

Please see the web page for more details.

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